Phil is a Woodchuck Scout who is known for his trademark scout uniform.


Phil acts as if he is a hero. He is the only one at Third Street with the uniform, which makes him feel special. He is also a liar. Being a Wild Screaming Woodchuck Scout is his life. He also accepted his lies in front of the founder.

In "A Genius Among Us," Phil even attempts to take credit for Hank's work when Gretchen wrote a complicated math problem on the board before everyone went to recess and Hank solved it (but left before anyone saw him), but when asked by Miss Grotke to solve it, Phil admitted he lied. His mouth even got him into trouble with King Freddy and he got a timeout because of that.


He is seen in the background of T.J.'s class. He is also often seen playing kickball on the playground and hanging out with fellow classmates Gordy and Wylie. In some episodes, he can be rude and sometimes angry, as well, to people such as Mikey and Gus. He acts as if he is a hero.

Since he was the only Woodchuck Scout in the school, he didn't want anyone else to join because it would make him feel less special. Though he does eventually concede to letting Mikey and Gus join after being questioned by the founder of the Scouts whom he idolizes. They are never seen wearing the uniform again.