"Prince Randall" is the thirty-eighth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on March 1st, 2000.


Randall Weems blackmails King Bob into giving him power over the playground. The gang tries to redeem King Bob.


  • Coloring error: During the opening scene, the holes on the helmet worn by T.J. are colored in yellow. For the following scenes, they are colored as his skin color.
  • Animation error: After Randall sees T.J. making fun of King Bob, he starts grumbling inside the bushes and his eyebrows appear much thicker than usual. His eyebrows return to normal afterwards.
  • Animation error: After Randall first talks to King Bob, King Bob decides to dictate a new rule against Randall. While King Bob is dictating to Scribe Kid, the magnification of Scribe Kid's glasses suddenly varies for a few frames.
  • Animation error: After King Bob invites T.J. for a new performance, Randall is shown mumbling. While mumbling, Randall turns his head and suddenly appears smiling for a single frame. This happens twice.
  • Animation error: When the gang find King Bob in the kindergarten area, the "B" on his crown is missing.
  • Animation error: When King Bob tells the kids that he wasn't first born in his family, the stripe on Gordy's shirt is missing, Ashley Q.'s drawn over Ashley A., Ashley T.'s face is missing, one background kid is drawn over the monkey bars, and one more background kid is missing an arm.
  • Animation error: When Spinelli is talking about how she got Vito's original boots to the students, her eyebrows are thicker than usual.



  • It is revealed in this episode that King Bob has an older sister named Lady Sheila, Lawson has an unnamed older sister, and Spinelli has another older brother named Vito, who gave her trademark boots.


  • This is the second episode where T.J. gets a black eye, the first being "The Shiner". This is, however, the only time he received one on purpose.
  • Becky Detweiler is mentioned for the first time in this episode.


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