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Principal Peter Prickly is the principal of Third Street School and the secondary anti-hero of the series. He is one of the main protagonists of Recess: School's Out.


Even though he is about as strict as Miss Finster, he is not megalomaniacal, and he is seen in various episodes actually caring about the students. This does not mean that he is always nice to them. He has a complicated relationship with The Recess Gang, more notably with T.J. thanks to the boy's almost constant pranks. Prickly's dream is to one day rise up to be a middle school principal, as was stated numerous times in the series, though he stays the principal of the school even after getting a position as one when he realized how appreciated he was at Third Street.


Prickly is almost always seen with a pink shirt, a teal necktie, gray or light brown pants, and a black or dark brown tweed suit jacket with a handkerchief in its pocket. He has balding black hair, a noticeable mustache, wrinkles and he wears glasses just like many of the teachers at Third Street School.


Peter Prickly as a sixth grader, 1958-59

Peter Prickly was born in June of 1947 and during his childhood, he was rivals with his older brother, Paul Prickly, which he often called him "Half Pint" and also bullied him a lot because he was older.

He attended Third Street School in 1953-1959, and was called "Petey Prickly" during his time there, he also attended Harvard University.

In Spring of 1968, he was once best friends with ex-Principal Dr. Phillium Benedict who was trying to cancel recess forever to further his career. Peter was shocked by this choice and tried to talk him out of it but to no avail. He informed the district superintendent of this with the intention to only stop his friend but the latter instead fired Phillium and Peter was promoted to principal, to his surprise.


  • Prickly is somewhat technologically inept as he cannot even operate a VCR, let alone a computer in "The Girl Was Trouble".
  • While he was in school in the 1950s, he was known as Petey Prickly.
  • As mentioned in Recess: School's Out, he has a saggy butt, comments to which offend him.
  • As seen in Recess: School's Out, Principal Prickly was once part of the 1960s counterculture movement and seemed to have had a sunnier disposition, much like how Miss Finster was hinted to have a similar attitude in the past.
  • The last movie reveals that he has another brother named Thurgood who lives in Alaska.
    • It is unknown if Thurgood is younger or older than Peter.
  • His cold behavior came from Phillium Benedict.
  • He, like T.J. and his peers, is a huge Señor Fusion fan.
  • He is an alumni of Harvard University.
  • His hobby is playing golf and moose hunting.
  • He is married but his wife is never seen only mentioned in the series and movies.


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