"Rainy Days" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 22nd, 1997.



A rainstorm causes the kids to have indoor recess, much to everyone's horror.

Main story

As the kids run off to recess, Miss Finster stops them, to inform them that it is cancelled due to rain. They are herded into the cafeteria, and Finster tells them that only sanctioned play is allowed. The gang believe that the storm cannot last for long, but Butch tells of the "Storm of 89", which lasted for five days, and turned the kids into the famous "Zombie Class of 89", due to lack of enthusiasm.

As the days pass, the kids slowly begin to become more agitated, turning on each other. At one point, they even beg Miss Grotke not to go to recess. By Day Five, as Butch warned, the kids start "vegging out", with no motivation or energy.

However, as a leaky ceiling lets through rain that drops on T.J.'s face, he realizes that the rain is just water. He sheds his jacket, shoes and socks, and readies himself to go outside. He appeals to the other kids, but only the other members of The Recess Gang agree. Making their way outside, they have great fun, splashing in the puddles and mud, and dancing in the rain.

As Finster unsuccessfully tries to convince them back inside, the clouds part, and the sun comes out. All the kids run outside to celebrate, but moments later, the bells ring. The gang tells the other kids of how great an experience it was, but as they head back in, it turns out that they have all developed colds.


Animation error in Rainy Days
  • Animation error: When Miss Finster yells "QUIET!" after the kids complain about the games, Gus has two sets of eyebrows.



  • In one part of T.J.'s nightmare, Mickey Mouse's dog, Pluto makes a cameo appearance.
  • Even though The Recess Gang went outside to play in the rain, Spinelli was the only one with leggings while the rest were barefoot.



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