"Randall's Reform" is the twentieth episode of the first season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 15th, 1997.



Loneliness compels Randall to want to make friends with the other kids. T.J. and the gang finally accept Randall.

Main Story

The episode begins with the ball trolley unwatched and The Recess Gang tempted to reach for it. T.J. decides to go for it and, unfortunately, Randall hears it and tells Miss Finster. She awards Randall with the good ball. Randall lets them play for a small fee but they just insult him and walk off. Randall gets sick of T.J. thinking he is so cool so he gets him sent to the wall. T.J. discovers it was Randall And finally Randall come out with it that he wishes he was T.J. since T.J. is nice, popular, funny and tender. So T.J. makes an agreement if he stops snitching one the gang he will him make friends with the gang. Randall agrees to the deal. But the rest of the gang except Gus and Mikey think T.J. is gone nuts and are sure Randall is up to something. At recess everybody tells him to get lost or that there isn't enough players for the games they are playing. He tells T.J. nobody will talk to him. T.J. suggest giving them a good ball or ice cream. But Randall gets to the secret ball room filled with balls. When Miss Finster gets to know about it. She asks Randall, who refuses to give the names. After that the kids accept him one of them. The next day when Miss Finster is giving out balls, she gives the good ball to Douglas, her new snitch. Randall gets jealous, which T.J. realizes and asks him to go back, and so he does and rats out the gang.


  • Animation error: When Randall raises his hand for Miss Finster to give him "the good ball", his forehead appears to be bigger than usual.
  • Dialogue error: When Miss Finster asks Randall to give out the names of the ball thieves in alphabetical order by last name, he begins with "Detweiler, T.J.". However, he should've began with "Blumberg, Mikey". Either this may have been intentional for dramatic purposes, or Mikey's last name had not been in use yet (It wouldn't be revealed until the second season).
  • Lip-syncing error: When Randall says, "Okay, let's go," his lip-syncing is off.
  • Continuity/animation error: At the beginning of the episode, the "good ball" is a kickball/dodgeball. Later in the episode, it is replaced with a basketball.
  • Animation error: When Vince is trying to open the door to the ball room, T.J.'s eye highlights are missing.



  • The joke T.J. tells his friends ("And so Prickly says, "That's no kindergartner, that's my wife!"") was previously told in the previous episode, "Teachers Lounge".


  • This episode includes the first appearance of Douglas it is also the only episode where he has speaking lines. He was previously mentioned in "First Name Ashley".
  • This was the final episode written by Rachel Lipman.


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