"Hey! Let me play or I'll make up something to tell Miss Finster on you!"
Randall in the episode "Wild Child"

Randall J. Weems is the resident snitch of Third Street School. He has had a few episodes based around him, including: "Randall's Friends", "Randall's Reform", "Stand Up Randall", and "Prince Randall". He is a recurring theme on the playground, often as the secondary antagonist of the story. He has been seen being physically attacked by Spinelli on several occasions, on whom he is said to have a crush.

He is in fourth (later fifth) grade and spends most of his time with Miss Finster or spying for her. Just about every kid that inhabits the playground has a strong contempt for him - due to his job as a snitch.

Miss Finster trusts Randall more than anyone and even entrusted Randall with a personal key to the playground ball storage room, which he has been known to abuse.


Randall is the most hated kid in school for his snitching ways, resulting in him being banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club. There are times he wants to be accepted but won't stop snitching since he has a friendship with Miss Finster. He also has a standard for snitching, as there are certain things he won't tell on a person for. He sometimes can be an antagonist to the gang. For example, he took over the playground with Menlo in the episode "Partners in Crime". He is shown to be a coward and often runs away screaming when confronted for his snitching ways.

It appears he has his limits, as in Recess: School's Out, he was disgusted by Fenwick trying to sell out Dr. Phillium Benedict just to get off free on a technicality.


Randall and Finster have a special friendship, despite that, she has been shown to punish him as well as shown in "Tattletale Heart". Randall's possible other friends are Barry and Scribe Kid as they, along with Menlo, were all on the same soccer team in the episode "Soccer Boy" and were together at Menlo's Birthday Party in the episode "Some Friend". It is also hinted, in the episode "Randall's Friends", that he has a crush on Spinelli.

Due to his status as a snitch, he is often attacked by bullies. Spinelli often threatens or attacks him when she finds him spying on her or her friends. Lawson and Gelman have also been known to threaten him with violence on occasion.


He has auburn hair and slightly slanted eyes. He is hunched in an Igor sort of way, probably due to his bad posture, or because he looks up to both his parents and Miss Finster as his role model. He wears a blue t-shirt, gray pants, and gray shoes. He also has rat-like features.


  • Randall is generally disliked by everyone at Third Street due to his status as a snitch.
  • In Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, he was the only Fifth Grader that was banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club. It was stated that this was due to his snitching ways.
  • Randall shares the same voice actor as Digger Dave.
  • In the episode "The Madness of King Bob", he is mistakenly referred to as Randall C. Weems in lieu of the correct Randall J. Weems (although this may just be a mistake on the part of Hustler Kid).
  • In the episode "Lawson and His Crew", Randall was the equivalent of Gus in Lawson's crew.
  • It is said that Randall wrote the code of the Snitch Life.
  • Randall appears to be in various classes with little consistency between episodes.
  • As demonstrated in the episode "Prince Randall", he has many high-tech, spying devices, which he uses.
  • Randall was born in either 1988 or 1989.
  • Randall learned his snitching abilities from his father, who was a snitch as a boy (and still is).
  • Randall was the right-hand man of T.J. in the episode "Economics of Recess".
  • Randall's design resembles Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons.
  • In "The Break-Up", Randall implies that he was severely bullied by his so-called "friends".
  • Despite his good status with Miss Finster, it's been shown that she will punish Randall just like she would any other student when the situation calls for it.
  • According to "Randall's Friends", Randall's favorite breakfast is a chicken liver and onion omelet.


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