The Recess theme song first starts in F Major and ends in C Major.

The Recess theme goes like this:

It is 10:00 AM, and the bell rings. All of the children at Third Street School barge out of the school doors. Then, Miss Finster and Randall came out. The Recess Gang steps on the playground, and T.J. nods to them, which they go out and do their stuff. Gus chew a gum in his mouth, but then when he blew a bubble, it all splatters in his face. He then knocks down the ball bin, and Miss Finster runs to get it, as Principal Prickly looks out of the window, suspicious of what Miss Finster is running after. The ball bin goes over the heads of the diggers, Dave and Sam, and they examine each other. Then the ball bin drops. Vince kicks a ball so high, it goes up into the sky. Meanwhile, T.J. is shuffling and dealing cards out to other people, while Randall is taking notes of what people are doing. Spinelli then taps him, and he runs away like a scaredy-cat. Spinelli then gets Randall's notebook. Gretchen is making up a potion. When she mixes the 2 liquids together, one of them bubbles up. While Mikey is making himself a sandwich, he shoves it down his mouth, then hiccups so hard that his shirt briefly comes off.

Meanwhile, the kindergartners are climbing up a pole with the Swinger Girl. While two of King Bob's guards holds an innocent boy up. King Bob gives a thumbs down, and then his minions go somewhere with the boy. Upside-Down Girl looks like she's right side-up, but the camera reveals that she is hanging upside-down. Along with some dodgeballs rolling. Hustler Kid is giving Phil and 2 other people deals while a dodgeball rolls through them. Gus then runs to a mysterious shadow, which reveals to be the dodgeball falling from the sky, probably the one that Vince threw. It then lands on Gus' gum patch. T.J. takes the ball from Gus' gum patch, then Miss Finster takes the ball from T.J., then looks at the screen. The other characters then look at the screen. Then Miss Finster tells the gang to go inside. When they finally go inside after recess is over, Miss Finster is closing the doors, but T.J. comes out to wave at the screen, then Miss Finster closes the doors, thus revealing who created the show, and ending the theme song.


  • Unlike various shows, Recess has its title at the beginning of the intro, but other shows have it at the end of the intro.
    • Another thing that is unique about the theme song is that it does not have singing, which is similar to The Simpsons.
  • Gus' yelling was re-used in "Gus' Last Stand" and "Gus and Misdemeanors".


Disney's Recess (Opening Theme)

Disney's Recess (Opening Theme)

Recess intro


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