This article is to outline appropriate and inappropriate behavior on this wiki. Users may be blocked from this wiki if they fail to oblige to these rules.

Admins may block users, or IP Addresses if they feel the user has done something immoral or inappropriate that is not listed on this page.

Note: Failing to read these policies is not an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

What is Appropriate

  • Editing pages with unbiased, reliable information.
  • Removing biased or unreliable information from this wiki.
  • Uploading pictures related to Disney's Recess or the maintenance of this wiki.
  • Inviting users from other wikis to help edit.
  • See here for more information about uploading images.

What is Inappropriate

  • Using profanity or sexually suggestive language.
  • Uploading anything of a sexual or inappropriate manner.
  • Harassing another user on this wiki.
  • Sharing personal information of anyone without their direct consent.
  • Harassing another user for personal information they will not willingly share.
  • Vandalizing pages (i.e. Deleting text, writing false information, etc.)
  • Arguing and/or starting fights.
  • Uploading pictures with no relevance to this wiki whatsoever (you may, however, post them onto your profile, as long as they're clean). They will be removed. If it happens on multiple occasions, you will receive a warning, and then a ban.
  • Adding information that is void of copyright laws and regulations (e.g. Scripts) The information will be removed. If it happens on multiple occasions, you will receive a warning and then a ban.
  • Creating an account, under the age of 13. It is against Wikia regulations and Child Protection laws.
  • Creating a sock account after being blocked by an admin.
  • Plagiarizing content from other websites and books.
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