Robert Illes (born May 17th, 1948, in Downey, California) is an American screenwriter, television producer, playwright, and author.

He is possibly best known for his work producing/writing the '80s sitcom Silver Spoons and for writing several popular American programs; his work on Disney's Recess include two writing credits.

He has won two Primetime Emmys, having been nominated for four.

Work on Disney's Recess

Illes has been credited with two respective credits for writing the series; his first was for the episode "Yope from Norway" and the second (the last) episode "Prince Randall". He co-wrote the latter with Phil Walsh; both of these episodes were from fourth season and were published in 2000. However, for both episodes he was credited as "Bob Illes", not Robert.


  • Illes stands at 5'11" (1.8m) tall.
  • Robert Illes has been credited with writing two episodes of Recess (one of which was co-written); for these episodes he was credited as "Bob Illes". He has also been credited as "Robert Iles", "Bob Iles", and "Robert Illes".

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