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Season 1
Network ABC
Run September 13th, 1997 – January 17th, 1998
Episodes # 13 (26 if broken up)
Series: 123456
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Season 1 was the first season of Recess, which broadcast from September 13th, 1997 - January 17th, 1998. This season consisted of twenty-six episodes.

The show officially debuted on August 31st, 1997 in primetime on ABC (Though only on the East coast, as the West coast was still covering Princess Diana's death), and then made it's premiere on Disney's One Saturday Morning on September 13th, 1997. It was originally supposed to premiere on September 6th, 1997, but was pushed back due to ABC and the other major television networks showing Princess Diana's funeral.

This listing shows the episodes in their original broadcast order on ABC during its first run. When the show was re-ran, several episodes were re-arranged. In most foreign dubs, this season is aired in its original order.

All these episodes were eleven minutes and paired up with another episode (so episode one would go with two and so on).


  1. "The Break In"
  2. "The New Kid"
  3. "The Experiment"
  4. "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff"
  5. "Jinxed"
  6. "Officer Mikey"
  7. "First Name Ashley"
  8. "To Finster with Love"
  9. "King Gus"
  10. "Big Brother Chad"
  11. "My Fair Gretchen"
  12. "Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye"
  13. "I Will Kick No More Forever"
  14. "The Kid Came Back"
  15. "The Pest"
  16. "The Legend of Big Kid"
  17. "The Box"
  18. "The Trial"
  19. "Teacher's Lounge"
  20. "Randall's Reform"
  21. "Rainy Days"
  22. "The Great Can Drive"
  23. "The Voice"
  24. "Kids in the Mist"
  25. "Parents' Night"
  26. "Swing on Thru to the Other Side"