Season 2
Network ABC
Run September 12th, 1998 – February 27th, 1999
Episodes # 13 (25 if broken up)
Series: 123456
Episode Guide

Season 2 refers to the second series of Recess, which was broadcast from September 12th, 1998 - February 27th, 1999 on ABC.

The episodes are listed in their original broadcast order. When the episodes were re-ran, they were re-arranged.

All these episodes were 11 minutes and paired up with another 11 minute episode (so episode 27 would go with episode 28 and so on), with the exception of "Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave", which was 30 minutes long plus commercials.

This episode list lists the episodes in the order in which they were originally aired by ABC. The episode order was rearranged when the show went into reruns.

This was the first season to include animation by Plus One Animation and Toon City. This was the only season not to include animation by Grimsaem or Sunwoo Entertainment, due to them being busy with The Rugrats Movie.

This was the final season of the show to be dubbed in Portuguese.


  1. "The Break-Up"
  2. "The Hypnotist"
  3. "Mama's Girl"
  4. "Outcast Ashley"
  5. "The Game"
  6. "The Lost Ball"
  7. "Gus' Last Stand"
  8. "Operation Field Trip"
  9. "The Challenge"
  10. "Wild Child"
  11. "The Substitute"
  12. "Gretchen and the Secret of Yo"
  13. "The Girl Was Trouble"
  14. "Copycat Kid"
  15. "Operation Stuart"
  16. "Pharaoh Bob"
  17. "The Story of Whomps"
  18. "Weekend at Muriel's"
  19. "Economics of Recess"
  20. "Omega Kids"
  21. "Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave"
  22. "Bad Hair Day"
  23. "Dance Lessons"
  24. "Principal for a Day"
  25. "The Beauty Contest"
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