Season 4
Network UPN, Syndication
Run September 12th, 1999 - July 17th, 2000
Episodes # 46
Series: 123456
Episode Guide

Season 4 refers to the fourth season of Recess, which broadcast from September 12th, 1999 - July 17th, 2000. This is the longest season of the series, due to it running daily than weekly.

Unlike the other seasons, this season aired it's new episodes on UPN and in syndication, as part of Disney's One Too, and aired during the same time as season three, which would air its new episodes on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning. After this season, all new episodes would air on ABC first.

This was the final season to use animation from Toon City, and the final season to use digital animation for some of its episodes, not counting the films. This was also the final season to air new episodes in the 1990's. It was the longest season of the series.


  1. "The First Picture Show"
  2. "The Big Prank"
  3. "Hustler's Apprentice"
  4. "The Spy Who Came In from the Playground"
  5. "Gus' Fortune"
  6. "Rumor Mill"
  7. "Recess Is Cancelled"
  8. "Tattletale Heart"
  9. "The Madness of King Bob"
  10. "Call Me Guy"
  11. "Prickly Is Leaving"
  12. "Randall's Friends"
  13. "The Biggest Trouble Ever"
  14. "The Rules"
  15. "Gus and Misdemeanors"
  16. "A Science Fair to Remember"
  17. "Mikey's Pants"
  18. "Here Comes Mr. Perfect"
  19. "Good Luck Charm"
  20. "Diggers Split Up"
  21. "Schoolworld"
  22. "Bachelor Gus"
  23. "The Dude"
  24. "Partners in Crime"
  25. "The Candidates"
  26. "This Brain for Hire"
  27. "Spinelli's Masterpiece"
  28. "Nobody Doesn't Like T.J"
  29. "A Great State Fair"
  30. "The A.V. Kid"
  31. "Yope from Norway"
  32. "Bonky Fever"
  33. "Don't Ask Me"
  34. "The Secret Life of Grotke"
  35. "The Fuss Over Finster"
  36. "Soccer Boy"
  37. "Fort Tender"
  38. "Germ Warfare"
  39. "More Like Gretchen"
  40. "Prince Randall"
  41. "Me No Know"
  42. "Good Ole T.J."
  43. "Chez Vince"
  44. "Tucked In Mikey"
  45. "Old Folks Home"
  46. "Some Friend"
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