Season 5
Network ABC
Run September 9th, 2000 - January 6th, 2001
Episodes # 9
Series: 123456
Episode Guide

Season 5 refers to the fifth season of Recess, which ran from September 9th, 2000 - January 6th, 2001 on ABC. The season officially concluded with Recess: School's Out.

This was originally going to be the final season of the show, however due to the movie's reception, the show was renewed for one more season.

In some countries, this season and season six were combined to create one long season. This could be due to the episodes of season six being originally created for season five. 

In France, this season and season six were included as part of season four. This is because both this season and Season 6 were produced at the same time, Disney decided to to hold off those last three episodes to the fall.

Starting with this season, the end of the credits dropped the "All rights reserved" from "(c)[Year] Disney Enterprises, Inc". The Paul & Joe Productions vanity card logo also started to appear after the credits.

This was the last season to air new episodes on ABC.


  1. "The Coolest Heat Wave Ever"
  2. "No Strings Attached"
  3. "Beyond a Reasonable Scout"
  4. "The C-Note"
  5. "The Army-Navy Game"
  6. "Big Ol' Mikey"
  7. "The Principals of Golf"
  8. "All the Principal's Men"
  9. "Lawson and his Crew"
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