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"Some Friend" is the forty-sixth and final episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on July 17th, 2000.



T.J. has a mysterious friend who appears to be Menlo.

Main Story

In the beginning, The Recess Gang are playing basketball, ditching a scalp-care lecture. When they break-in the auditorium, Menlo catches them and Miss Finster arranges a make-up lecture after school and takes part in a quiz. While walking back to their homes, Gus remembers that his mother will be driving them to the Cartoon Call-out the following Saturday. All of the gang rehearse, except for T.J., when asked he says that he cannot go because he would be busy. The next day, the gang demand an explanation, but T.J. refuses to tell. Afterwards, the gang spots him buying a gift at Kelso's for his 'friend'. Randall tells the gang that he saw T.J. trying suits at the mall. The next day, the gang follow him to a street surrounded by cookie-cutter houses. T.J. knocks the door of a house, only to reveal Menlo as his friend. The gang infiltrate the house, which is decorated for Menlo's Birthday, with games like "Pin tie on executive", or Pony rides. When T.J. exits the door, The gang ask him for the reason he dumped them for Menlo. That's when Menlo comes and hands him a photo of him and T.J. (four years old). Menlo reveals that they were pals when they were small, and as they grew up, their interests diverged. T.J. made a promise that no matter what happens, he would always attend his birthday party. The gang apologizes for doubting him. The episode ends with the gang going to the Cartoon Call-out on their bikes, shouting.


  • Animation/continuity/consistency error: When Spinelli threatens Menlo while he is holding the quizzes, the right temple of his glasses disappears and reappears randomly.
  • Animation/continuity error: While T.J. is holding the picture frame in front of Spinelli, the tip of one of her pigtails disappears for several frames.



  • According to this episode, T.J. has been friends with Menlo since they were in preschool.
  • In this episode, T.J. said that Menlo was always like the way he was, like in the picture, but in the flashback of "Principal for a Day", Menlo was a hyperactive child.
  • Some of the guests attending Menlo's birthday party include Randall, Scribe Kid, one of the Safety Officers, Judy, Barry, Timmy, the future King Freddy II, and Miss Lemon.



  • When T.J. and Menlo say goodbye, T.J. says "Catch you later," and Menlo responds, "Not if I catch you first." This is an allusion to the goodbye scene in the film Stand by Me, which shares a theme with the episode.