Speedy was the class hamster at Third Street School, who died in "Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye". He is the only character to die in the series.

Speedy was the pet of Miss Grotke's fourth grade class, and considered a friend to all the students. He liked to run on his hamster wheel while chasing a squeaky rubber carrot, and enjoyed both garlic croutons and distilled water. Normally, Speedy stayed in his cage with enough food to see him through each weekend, and was greeted by the kids every morning in class.

However one day, Mikey goes over to wake Speedy only to find that he would not wake up. When they saw that he didn't touch his weekend snack, Miss Grotke tried to distract the class to prevent alarm, only for Gretchen to discover that Speedy had died. Devastated, the students decided to hold a funeral in his honor, much to Spinelli's objections as she hid her grief over Speedy's passing by pretending she didn't care about him. With King Bob's permission, the entire school gathered to lay Speedy to rest.

At the funeral, it was found that the former Third Street students on the high school football team, the bus drivers, and even Mayor Fitzhugh had all known Speedy at one point or another when they came to pay their respects. During the service, Spinelli tried to stop the burial and cried over Speedy's body, during which she noticed that Speedy had features she hadn't noticed before. At this point, the other mourners realized the Speedy they were burying was not the same hamster they had all known.

It was revealed by Miss Grotke that Speedy was actually the name of a long line of male and female hamsters who had been the pets of the fourth grade classes for over forty years. Due to their short lifespans, each Speedy was replaced by a new one without the rest of the students even knowing. The mourners almost walked out as they had realized the Speedy's they knew were long gone, but T.J. convinced everybody that now was their opportunity to honor every single Speedy as the great friend each of them had been to their classes through the years.

Moved by T.J.'s speech, King Bob dedicated Speedy's grave to every single Speedy that came before him, and he was buried as the entire school remembered the great times they shared with every Speedy they had come to know.

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