Stuart (later renamed Stella) is a cat and a one-shot character in the television show Recess. She only ever appears in the episode "Operation Stuart."


She looks fairly scruffy and unkempt, however, when first discovered she had just given birth. She has a black coat with white features and a red button nose.


In the aforementioned episode, she was discovered by the gang in a dustbin; moreover, she is later adopted by Mikey, believing her to be a tomcat. He wanted to help her; however, she soon escapes him. When seeking her out, the gang searched the wide-stretch of the playground - before finding her as the Ashleys' baby project.

Stuart soon runs havoc over the playground, going over several key locations and interesting people - before before being found by the Kindergartners, who feed and worship "kitty." Principal Prickly calls animal control on her, just before she jumps into his office.

She finally makes her way outside and under the dumpster, where it is revealed that she actually has a litter of kittens - and that she is a she, not a he.


  • Her litter is later disposed and given to members of the faculty and students of Third Street School. It is shown that Ashley A.,  Miss Finster, and Principal Prickly each adopt a kitten.
  • She goes home with Mikey and presumably becomes his pet.


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