Character information

Sue Bob Murphy

Created By
Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere
Full Name
Sue Bob Murphy
Fifth (later Sixth)
Appeared in
Voiced By
Christine Cavanaugh (Season 2), Kath Soucie (All major appearances)

Sue Bob Murphy is the fourth worst kid in school. Sue Bob first appeared in "The Girl Was Trouble."


Sue Bob has a narrow face with a light placement of freckles. In "Kurst the Not so Bad", she is revealed to have brown hair, blue jeans, gray sneakers, and a purple jersey with orange sleeves with a large orange number zero on it's front.


Sue Bob's personality is not well defined because she has minimal appearances compared to the other bad kids. She is known to be a bully, stealing Cornchip Girl's lunch in "Don't Ask Me." She seems to be the most calm and collected of the bad kids. While she doesn't seem to mind stealing, or other stuff that makes her a frequent visitor to the principal's office, she seems to listen to people's stories a lot (or at least just Gretchen's) and she also seems to have a little respect for Gretchen and a bit of resentment for Mikey.