"Swing on Thru to the Other Side" is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first season of Recess, which was first broadcast on January 17th, 1998.



After believing to see her swinging over the top of the swing-set, Spinelli starts a cult devoted to Swinger Girl.

Main Story

Spinelli creates a cult based on Swinger Girl as she witnessed her swing over the top from her swing after failed to do so whilst witnessed by the whole student body and also develops a more gentle if irrational behavior. During her cult, she is not present in Third Street School and many of the students, including Mikey and Gus, join her cult. The remaining gang who do not believe her, T.J., Vince, and Gretchen, doubt her ways as she considered that Swinger Girl went on another dimension after going over the top the reason for her disappearance.

Spinelli then attempts to join her by swinging over the top with the swing by herself. Before she could do so, Swinger Girl returns to school as she claims that she almost made it over the top although leaped off when her mother called her and was absent on vacation, resulting in her following to notice that what Spinelli thought was not true and disbanding the cult. Whilst her religious thoughts on Swinger Girl were doubted by the gang, they praised it as well for her belief on it. Spinelli eventually swings with her now non believed upon.


  • Coloring error: After King Bob joins Spinelli's cult while T.J., Gretchen and Vince are sitting on the stairs, Vince's right eye is colored as his skin color.
  • Coloring error: While Spinelli is watching the kids coming to touch the swing, her skin color varies a few times throughout the scene.
  • Animation error: While Gretchen is trying to convince Spinelli not to get on the swing, Gretchen's glasses have no temples.



  • In the episode "The Great Can Drive", Swinger Girl is ready to beat the Ashleys which implies that she is not in the same class as them, but in this episode, Vince says "The kids in Miss Furley's class said she never showed up for school today", Miss Furley's class being the class that the Ashleys are in.
  • T.J. shows his concern for Spinelli; when he fears that her drastic attempt to join Swinger Girl on the "other side" is too dangerous, and warns her that she could get seriously hurt or even killed if she goes through with it.
  • Due to Spinelli's cult around Swinger Girl, this episode is often thought to be critiquing religion in general.


  • This is the final time T.J. is shown with highlights in his eyes. By the next episode, which starts the next season, they are removed for unknown reasons. His eyes will continue to be drawn with highlights on certain pieces of merchandise and at the beginning of "Bachelor Gus".
  • This is the last episode written by series co-creator, Joe Ansolabehere.
  • This is the seventh speaking appearance of King Bob.
  • This is the only episode where Swinger Girl is a major character.


International Information

  • In the French dub of the episode, Ashley B.'s voice actress, Marie-Charlotte Leclair, played Ashley A. instead of Patricia Legrand.


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