Thaddeus T. Third V is the richest man in The Recess Gang's home city. His grandfather, Thaddeus T. Third III, is the namesake for Third Street and Third Street School. He bears a strong resemblance to American financier and businessman, J. P. Morgan.


In "The Biggest Trouble Ever" and "The C Note", it is implied that he is a kind and good-hearted elderly man, who happens to be short at times.


He is often smartly dressed: sporting a brown three-piece suit with a top hat with a grey rim. He wears glasses, a black bowtie and has a mustache. He bears a strong resemblance to his grandfather, Thaddeus T. Third III.


He is referred to in several episodes of the series; however, he makes prominent appearances in the episodes "The Biggest Trouble Ever" and "The C Note".

In the former episode, he appeared in the court at the end of episode to give the gang a character reference saying they were just kids, they did not mean to destroy the statue and that many others - some amongst the court - had rode and attempted to bring the statue down before. T.J. even called him "Mr. Fifth", not understanding his last name was Third.

In the latter episode, it is revealed that he leaves one-hundred dollar notes around the Unnamed City. He does this to award those who bring him back the notes with even bigger prizes.


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