"That Stinking Feeling" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 13th, 1999.


Johnny "Baby Tooth" V. leaves an imprint on Spinelli's heart.



  • Coloring/continuity error: When Bob told Flo that Spinelli does not care about wrestling and there is a boy [Johnny V.] at school, Flo's headband briefly flickers to her hair color.



  • This episode and "My Funny Valentines" are considered the Valentine's Day episodes of the series, however, the episodes did not air anywhere near the Holiday.
  • This episode portrays Spinelli as one of only two of the main six characters (the other being Mikey) to develop a crush on someone.


  • This is the only episode of the series that Johnny V. appears in.
  • Galileo has a different, more realistic design in this episode only.
  • Johnny V. is the second boy that Spinelli has shown feelings for in the series, T.J. being the first.

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