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The Ashleys, together
The Ashleys
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Team Information
Founded When all of the Ashleys were in kindergarten (1993–1994)
Leader Ashley A.
Members Ashley A.
Ashley B.
Ashley Q.
Ashley T.
Base of Operations Ashleys' Clubhouse

The Ashleys are a clique of four beautiful, fashionable, snobby, and spoiled girls, and are always uttering the phrase "Scandalous!". Each of them has a younger brother named Tyler and a younger sister named Brittany, who are also students at Third Street School. They are recurring antagonists towards The Recess Gang, especially towards Spinelli, due to her first name being Ashley and her refusal to join their clique.

They have been known to have ideas that can do damage to the playground itself, while they are benefited, for example, a rating system that caused catastrophic damage to the playground's balance of nature until The Recess Gang managed to fix it. They have also been known to be rather cruel to kids who are not like them, specifically picking on Gus in "Jinxed", their debut appearance.

The Ashleys always win the school can collection drive, using their families' money so they can just buy hundreds of cans of food. This makes up for the other classes not participating since they know that they cannot beat The Ashleys' class.

The Ashleys first met sometime back when they were in Kindergarten. Coincidentally, all four of The Ashleys were wearing purple when they first met. To celebrate the anniversary of the day they first met, which they refer to as "Purple Day", The Ashleys have a tradition of wearing only purple on that day. They take the tradition really seriously, to the point of where Ashley A. was temporarily kicked out of the group in "Outcast Ashley" for (accidentally) wearing yellow instead of purple. Ashley A. hung out with Gretchen Grundler until she was let back into the group by Ashleys B, Q, and T.



  • Ashley Armbruster "Ashley A." ~ The spoiled and vain leader whose signature color is pink.
  • Ashley Boulet "Ashley B." ~ The sarcastic and prissy second-in-command whose signature color is yellow.
  • Ashley Quinlan "Ashley Q." ~ The meanest and most selfish member of the clique whose signature color is blue.
  • Ashley Tomassian "Ashley T." ~ The smartest and yet quietest of the clique whose signature color is green.


  • Ashley Spinelli "Ashley S." ~ She was briefly a member during the episode "First Name Ashley", and her signature color was red. However, the Recess Gang managed to get her out thanks to a clever name changing plan. Nevertheless, there have been several hints in later episodes that the Ashleys still desire for her to be part of the clique.


  • Their full last names are revealed in the episode "The Beauty Contest", which is also the first time the Ashleys are seen in their formal wear.
  • In the Spanish dub of the series, their catchphrase is "¡Que escándalo!" ("What a scandal!")
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, their first names are changed to "Patricia", but their last names stayed the same. Meanwhile, in the European Portuguese dub, they are still named 'Ashley', with their catchphrase is "Escandaloso!", which is the exact translation of "Scandalous!".
  • They are based on the Heathers from the 1980s cult film, Heathers.
  • It is shown in "Parents' Night" that their mothers are friends as well--this could be at least part of the reason why they (and their siblings) all have the same first names.


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