"The Barnaby Boys" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Recess, which was first broadcast on January 15th, 2000.


After T.J. and Vince become fans of the mystery-solving duo "The Barnaby Boys", they assume new identities - and new attire - to try to uncover the mysteries behind the temporary janitor.


  • Coloring/continuity error: When Mikey asks T.J. where the lockers went, Gretchen's sleeves turn blue.
  • Animation/continuity error: When T.J. walks towards the dark stairway that leads to the hidden room, his legs disappear for a few frames.
  • Animation/continuity error: After Gretchen tells the others that she had read the books, one of her pigtails pops-up from the back of her shoulders to front. This happens in plain sight while she is saying "after math before bed".
  • Animation/continuity error: While Gretchen is opening the door to the hidden room, there are no spider webs. When the door is seen from the inside, there is a spider web hanging from the door frame. The spider web also disappears while the perspective shows Mikey and Gus, but reappears afterwards.
  • Continuity/coloring error: When the gang is looking for the hidden room, both Vince and T.J. are wearing a single white glove. Vince's glove disappears while he screams "a velociraptor!". His glove reappears afterwards. This could be a coloring error instead.



  • This episode premiered as part of "Mystery Day" on Disney's One Saturday Morning. Along with this episode, other episodes from the block that were mystery-themed were the Pepper Ann episodes "Effie Shrugged/Mom Knows What P.A. Did Two Nights Ago", and the Sabrina, The Animated Series episode "Truth or Scare".
  • The Barnaby Boys appear to loosely resemble The Hardy Boys, a duo of fictitious, mystery-solving sleuths whose exploits are covered in a book series of the same name. Of the two brothers, Frank was portrayed by T.J. and Joe was portrayed by Vince.
  • Working backwards from this episode's air-date, Earl would have stolen the statue's head on either January 15th or 16th, 1970.


  • This was the first episode to premiere in the new millennium.
  • This is one of only six episodes of the television show Recess that were directed by both Sheetz and Parkins, the two prominent directors of the series.
  • This is the police officers' first appearance; they appear again in the 2001 feature-length movie, Recess: School's Out.


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