The Experiment by Judy Katschke is a novel based off of the Recess episode of the same name. It was

published by Disney Press as part of the Disney Chapters line, along with books based on their movies, Pepper Ann, Disney's Doug, and 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and is 64 pages in length. It is the first chapter book released of the show.


After Butch witnesses the horror of his older brother, Joey, kiss his girlfriend, Christy, he warns the boys in The Recess Gang about how kissing will become their future. At first they don't buy it, but Gretchen insists they conduct an experiment with kissing- one of the kids in the gang has to kiss another.

Spinelli and T.J. wind up being the lucky couple, much to their dismay. When the time comes for them to kiss, everyone's watching them to their surprise, thanks to the rest of the gang not being able to keep a secret.

They perform the kiss, and show the playground that they didn't like it. However, both T.J. and Spinelli act a little shy about it after everyone leaves...could've they enjoyed it?

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