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The Kindergartners are young children who are often shown to be the antagonist of the show and unpredictable. They appear to have formed a sort of tribal, savage society of warrior-like and wild children, without many rules. Their leader is Captain Sticky.


The Kindergartners play in their own separate part of the playground. They also have a space considered to be dangerous to everyone, as it is full of traps. They can sometimes be seen in the regular playground, although it is behind a fence.


Overall most kindergartners are not trusting anyone who is not in their age group including their teacher. Some exceptions are listed below:

  • Hector - As shown in multiple episodes, Hector has a good relationship and even looks up to the one of five main characters Gus.
  • Tubby - As shown in the episode "Kindergarten Derby", Tubby gains a very strong friendship with the one of six main characters, Mikey.


The kindergartners do many things in their free time. In the show this includes wearing face paint, being violent with other (usually older) children, carry very weak crafted weapons and napping (which is sleeping during the day).