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"The Pest" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 1st, 1997.


A boy named Jeffrey shouts at the top of his lungs that he is in love with Gretchen resulting the entire student body to laugh at her. That night Gretchen has a nightmare of her and Jeffrey getting married, having a baby and growing old together. The next day Gretchen decides to handcuff herself to Jeffrey to teach him a lesson about not to bother anyone again. After that, Jeffrey tells Gretchen that he only likes her as a friend now he then walks away and does not bother her again.



  • Animation/continuity error: When Gretchen is hit by a ball, she is sitting beside Spinelli; both behind a table. After perspective changes, Gretchen is standing beside Mikey and Spinelli is ahead of them, while there is no table.
  • Animation/continuity error: When both Jeffrey and Gretchen are on the bus, once Gretchen corrects the saying said by Jeffrey, her eyebrows disappear. Then, while Jeffrey is replying to her correction, her eyebrows reappear.
  • Animation/continuity error: When both Jeffrey and Gretchen are on the bus and Jeffrey says he will be by her side for ever and ever, Gretchen's left pigtail is initially in front of her shoulder. Once perspective changes while he is talking, it is then behind her shoulder.
  • Animation/continuity error: When Gretchen handcuffs herself to Jeffrey, he drops a bunch of flowers. While he is shown kneeling, the flowers are on the ground in front of his knees. After Gretchen releases him, there are no flowers.
  • Animation/continuity error: After Gretchen releases Jeffrey from the handcuffs, he starts explaining how he felt. During the explanation, a while after Jeffrey snaps his fingers, his left ear disappears for a frame.
  • Animation/continuity error: After Gretchen releases Jeffrey from the handcuffs, she drops them to the ground. After Jeffrey gets up, they are still on the ground in front of his feet. Once he runs away, there are no handcuffs there; they also never reappear again.
  • Animation/continuity error: When Mikey stands up and says "Uh? Miss Grotke," Ashley T.'s outfit is changed to a lime bodysuit.
  • Animation/continuity error: When students of Third Street School laughs and teases at Gretchen for the second time, which shows a crowd of kids in Gretchen's perspective, Butch's streak on his hair is missing, and his eyes are not drawn correctly when they are wide open.
  • Coloring/continuity error: When Gretchen puts her bag near her bus seat so she can try not to be near Jeffrey, Clyde and Willy are seen sitting together in the background, but when Jeffrey says that he is clear that he likes Gretchen for sure, Clyde's skin color is darker than usual. After two perspective changes, Clyde is colored like Willy. His hat is back to normal afterwards.
  • Coloring/continuity error: During the wedding sequence in Gretchen's strange nightmare, the Unnamed Girl can be seen having skin-colored lips.
  • Animation/continuity error: When the Recess Gang looks at the bus before Gretchen comes out and gets in revenge with Jeffrey, Spinelli has nostrils.
  • Animation/continuity error: When Gretchen continues walking to see Jeffrey again, the students that were in the background previously disappears, and the rest of the members of the gang are all standing up since they already changed positions, showing that it is closer to the staircase and wall instead of the wooden table set with seats. This may be because there is deleted scene of them walking to the other area.


This is the scene where it has an audio cut on Disney+.

  • Audio/editing error: On Disney+, there is an audio cut during the bus scene. It is when Gretchen says "one last thing". In the rest of the versions of the episode, it does not have this at all.



  • Jeffrey makes his first appearance in this episode, and this is the only episode where he has a major role. The only other episode where he had a speaking role was in "Tattletale Heart".
  • This was the first episode written by Rachel Lipman.