The Ratings Game is the sixteenth and last episode of the third season of Recess, which was first broadcast on January 22nd, 2000.


The Ashleys implement a rating system. Unsurprisingly, it soon wreaks havoc on the social structure of the playground separating friends and cliques, alike.


While picking teams for kickball. The Ashley's pass out pink letters then tells them that were everybody's ratings due to to the past few days spectating them. Explaining to the kids that each number is great or less (see Ratings) The Recess Gang got bad or good ratings, which unfortunately stops them craving lawson due to T.J Being a 5. Also separating people who are friends like digger Dave and Sam. Which also make T.J's Friends Ditch him. Since Gus dose not have REAL Friends in The 0's he Talks to Pigeons. And King bob won't Help T.J due to 7's or Higher can talk to him. Since TJ interfered with Bob the Ashley's Change him To a 4, Then a 2. Then Ashley A make Him a -3 , Then a -5. But after the rest of his Friends saw him standing up what had he believed in, The Gang Joins Him as they Turn into -5's, Then The Rest of the school did not join him due to the Ashley's saying that if they join them they will be -5's.Then the gangs makes a plan to make everyone together by making them 10's. Admitting defeat, the Ashley's stop there plans. The episode ends with T.J telling the Playground that there will be a all kid dodgeball game.


Ashley's Original Ratings:













The Recess Gang is rated -5

In the End

Everyone is a 10


  • Coloring error: When the gang is at the garbage can and Spinelli is talking, one of the fence poles isn't colored in.
  • When King Bob says "If I add the Ashleys' Ten with this new ten", the '10' on his jersey is pink instead of blue.
  • Skeens and Mundy are both shown to be 5, but towards the end of the episode, Mundy said (returning to the back of the school) "I missed you man".
  • Jordan and Jerome were 3 and 4, whereas later, Jordan is said to be a 17 (Ashleys' 7+ The new 10)
  • Coloring Error: During the period when the gang hands out their ratings, in the line where Lawson and Gordy stand, two kids are handed out the papers. When they read it, their original ratings are hidden to the color of their shirts.
  • On the ground, when all are walking around with their rates, Randall has a 2 insead an 1


  • Ice Cream Girl and Peanut Butter Kid both make a cameo together in this episode.
  • This Episode's title is a Reference to the 1984 Film The Ratings Game
  • When the gang is giving out ratings to their friends inside the classroom, Miss Grotke has red hair. This was done on purpose for a "Spot the Difference" promotion for Disney's One Saturday Morning, and wasn't corrected for reruns.
  • This episode was cut from the Italian dub.
  • This episode was paired up with "My Funny Valentines" outside the US.
  • This was the final episode to be written by Holly Huckins.