"The Spy Who Came in from the Playground" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on September 13th, 1999.


There is a mole in The Recess Gang's midst, who is ratting out all their secret routes and short-cut strategies. His name is James Stone, and he is befriended by T.J. and the rest of the gang.




  • This episode has the longest title of the series.
  • Clips of this episode were included in Toon Disney's "Weekend Bonus Stacks" promo.
  • Technically, since James was a spy he was actually a John Andre (who was a spy for the British during the Revolutionary War) because Benedict Arnold was an American who switched to the British.
  • This is one of the few episodes mentioned in the movie, Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street.
  • This episode, along with "Hustler's Apprentice", premiered exactly two years after Recess premiered on ABC.


  • This was the final episode to be written by Michael Kramer.
  • This is a rare time where Randall is on the gang's side.


  • The title of this episode may be an allusion to John Le Carre's The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.

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