The Tylers
Team Information
Leader: Tyler Armbruster (Tyler A.)
Members: Tyler Armbruster (Tyler A.)
Tyler Boulet (Tyler B.)
Tyler Quinlan (Tyler Q.)
Tyler Tomassian (Tyler T.)
"Does everyone in your family have a catchphrase?"
Randall to the Tylers
The Tylers are the Ashleys' little brothers.

They are all great friends and were once Randall's snitches in the episode "League of Randalls," which was their one and only ever appearance - as they did not appear in any other episodes. They all have investments and all seems to be successful. They also have little sisters named Brittany.

Like their older sisters, they have a catchphrase: “Notorious!", which they will say in unison. Their appearance is similar to that of the Ashleys and the Brittanys.


  • It's never said what grade the Tylers are in.
    • They're obviously not Kindergarteners like the Brittanys are while they're also clearly not 4th-graders like the Ashleys. This would mean that the Tylers are either 1st, 2nd or 3rd-graders.