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The Upside-Down Girl is a background character in the Recess series.


The Upside-Down Girl has no defined personality. However, it has been confirmed that she has become impervious to nausea from the many times she hung from her bar. It is possible that she is violent when angry as seen when she warned T.J. that he would be sorry if she got off her bar. She is almost always seen hanging upside down, the only time she is seen right side up is in "The Game" where said game manages to enamor her to that point.


As a result of always hanging upside down, her blonde pigtails always stick up, even on the rare occasion that she is right-side up. She wears a one-piece white outer-garment with short sleeves and pant legs and a pink dress over it with the skirt always stuck up.


  • Upside Down Girl has a counterpart at 98th Street School, who is African American.
  • Upside Down Girl and Helga, a girl from Hey Arnold!, have similar clothes, hair color, and hairstyles; one could also argue violent disposition as well.
  • She keeps her money and other stuff in her socks, so they do not fall out of her pockets.


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