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  • I live in Northeast U.S.
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Administrator on various wikis
  • I am a Female
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Hello everyone, my name is Aubree, and I've been a fan of Recess since I was young. I'm also best known as the lead member of Recess Fanon Wiki, an administrator on Rugrats Wiki and Doug Wiki, and a regular user on various wikis. 

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I am an autistic and hardworking user who manages creativity and reliable edits, as well as intelligent tips. I joined Fandom in December of 2018, when I was on The Flintstones Wiki. At first, I didn't improve the edits very well, but a couple months after I joined Recess Wiki, I became more active and improved the edits to myself. I later became successful, as I became an admin in August of 2019 and a bureaucrat in May of 2020. However, I didn't improve very well on a couple wikis. I later improved to myself so I didn't have to worry about it again.

When I was younger, I loved shows such as Sailor Moon, The Archie Show, Total Drama, and The Backyardigans. I often have mood swings, and I've been a computer addict since I was younger. I later became a workaholic, and I didn't even like to leave when I am still doing my essentials. The Sims 3 is the video game I've been playing for a long time. However, I often took hiatus' before coming back. I taught herself how to play a ukulele awhile ago when I played the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? theme song. I have an animation cel of Rugrats for Christmas in 2018. I liked romances, and I dream about becoming a singer, actress, and author.

I grew up with nostalgia music I liked, as well as having fun to myself and spending time with my family. My interests were originally Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and The Beatles. When I grew up and became a fan of Recess, I eventually changed my interests. As of right now, my interests are Heart, Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar, Tiffany, Mariah Carey, and The Archies. Ann Wilson has been my idol for a long time, and she will always be my favorite singer.


  • Astrology: Taurus
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian and Native American (I'm multiracial)
  • Religion: Methodist (Christian)
  • Ancestries: German, Irish, and American Indian
  • Dialects: Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania Dutch


  • Some cartoons that I also liked are Pepper Ann, Doug, The Archie Show, The Care Bears Family, Inspector Gadget, Rugrats, and Jem & the Holograms.
  • I've been a fan of Recess for a long time.
  • I have high-functioning autism.
  • I love to give responses to people.
  • I am bossy and unique.
  • I have a fear of heights, no organizations, and changes.



I'm obsessed about Recess. So I tried to make My Top 10 Favorite Recess Episodes.

  1. "Mama's Girl
  2. "Parents' Night"
  3. "Dance Lessons"
  4. "The Voice"
  5. "Big Brother Chad"
  6. "First Name Ashley"
  7. "Economics of Recess"
  8. "Dodgeball City"
  9. "The Experiment"
  10. "Me No Know"



  1. Ashley Spinelli
  2. T.J. Detweiler
  3. Gus Griswald
  4. Mademoiselle Pavlova
  5. Ashley Tomassian
  6. Butch
  7. King Bob
  8. Miss Finster
  9. Ashley Quinlan
  10. Miss Grotke
  11. Principal Prickly



  • Talents: Writing, singing, drawing, coloring, editing, etc.
  • Instrument talents: Ukulele, guitar, trumpet (formerly), and piano
  • Strengths: Reliable, hardworking, patient, stable, loyal, devoted, compassionate, sensual, responsible, strong-willed
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn, a bit clumsy, possessive, uncompromising, spoiled, autistic, picky (especially when it comes to food), moody


  • Edit as much as I could... (I usually undo vandalism and edit grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors)
  • Add HQ Images if necessary.
  • Give responses, questions, and suggestions.
  • Help users.
  • Work hard.
  • Add categories if necessary.
  • Have a lot of fun on the wiki.


  • Add as much images as I can.
  • Clean-up various articles.
  • Fix grammar, punctuation, and formats.
  • Add necessary categories
  • Delete unnecessary articles, images, videos, etc.







Disney's Recess (Opening Theme)

Disney's Recess (Opening Theme)

You're Standing on Spinelli's Neck Disney's Recess AMV

You're Standing on Spinelli's Neck Disney's Recess AMV

Disney's Recess - Holiday Tradition Reports

Disney's Recess - Holiday Tradition Reports

2003 Screenbug Recess ABC Kids

2003 Screenbug Recess ABC Kids

The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning - 6A - Recess - We Shall Not Be Moved

The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning - 6A - Recess - We Shall Not Be Moved

Recess Zooms Wipes-0

Recess Zooms Wipes-0

This video shows all of the zooms/wipes from the Recess franchise.

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 91 Recess

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 91 Recess

Heart - These Dreams

Heart - These Dreams

This song is dedicated to the late Jason Davis.

You Ain't So Tough

You Ain't So Tough

This song is dedicated to my favorite Recess episode, "Mama's Girl".


  • "I hope you work properly."
  • "Intelligence is what we need with our eyes and brain."
  • "Thanks for telling me. I'll switch the recent edit back to the edit before the vandalism. I'll also block that vandal."
  • "I worked very hard in several articles."
  • "I've been a fan of Recess since I was younger."
  • "I have an eye on Spinelli."
  • "I rarely reply a lot due to mood swings."
  • "Do your best!"
  • "Nice to meet you."
  • "I'm glad you liked it."
  • "Please follow the policies of the wiki."
  • "Hello."
  • "What's the conflict?"
  • "Do you need help?"
  • "Done."
  • "I contribute to the wiki everyday."
  • "Someday, I wanna be an administrator." (This quote was when I wasn't an administrator of the wiki.)
  • "I started to become iconic on late May 2019."
  • "Someday, I wanna be a bureaucrat." (This quote was when I wasn't a bureaucrat of the wiki.)


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