aka Lilly

  • I was born on September 19

Hi everybody. My name is Lilly Wilson, but you can call me "Pinkswan95" since it was my account name. Also, I created an OC who was a pink female swan named "Suzy Swanella".

Favs and least favs

  • Characters
    • Favorite: Gretchen Grundler - My all-time favorite character from the show
    • Least Favorite: Randall Weems - He's mean and completely heartless to the Recess Gang
  • Episodes
  • Seasons
    • Favorite: Season 4 - I enjoy this season since has most episodes.
    • Least Favorite: Season 6 - Too short, too boring.
  • Movies
    • Favorite: Recess: School's Out - This movie is so awesome and a family favorite since 2001.
    • Least Favorite: None - All 3 (5 if First Day of School and Miracle on 3rd Street are counted) are good.


  • Recess
  • Backyard Sports (1997 and 2002 eras)
  • Doug (sometimes)
  • Pepper Ann (my all-time favorite show)
  • Disrespectoids
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