I have been thinking and after analyzing the facial expressions of the two characters of the episode the experiment. For me they lied about what disgusted the kiss but actually really liked the kiss but for the following reasons they lied 1 because they are children and do not know anything about kissing and romantic relationships 2 no one with two fingers in front will say In front of everyone in the school that he liked the kiss and 3 did it to maintain his reputation since Spinelli is the typical rough girl by the way she is rude if I enjoy the kiss alone that as I gave him to keep his reputation and Just like TJ so in conclusion if they enjoyed the kiss the only thing that annoys me a little is that this says a fan more than the creators of the series but hey would not like a new romantic episode of Recess and see as spinelli and TJ Confess their feelings? I hope someday they'll do an episode like that.