T.J. and Vince making up the word

"Whomps" is a word made up by T.J. and Vince when they get in trouble for cursing. It is a commonly used word ever since.


Whomps was first invented when T.J. and Vince were sent to the wall for saying "boogerhead" back in second grade. They come up with a few possibliities until T.J. accidentally lets' slip the final result, and they have been using it ever since.
TJ Detweiler Whomps

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The word began to be used in the show's second season, starting with "The Substitute". Though it was treated like a swear word by the staff of the school in "The Story of Whomps". T.J. even had to endure a court trial before he could use it casually again, and from then on, he and his friends have been using it ever since, all the way to the series end.

While the word is usually used to replace "stinks" or "sucks", it has also been used to replace words such as the "f" word.


  • There is a possibility that T.J. had been unknowingly using the word before second grade, or either he was used to making new words to replace swearwords. Since, he just "instantly" came up with the word.
  • The original name for Disney's One Too (the UPN and syndicated weekday/Sunday morning equivalent of Disney's One Saturday Morning, which aired on ABC) was going to be Disney's Whomptastic, but it was changed, due to "whomp" being a word for an unpleasant situation or person.
  • "Whomp" has also been used in another Disney series, Phineas and Ferb.
  • This word can mean anybody or anything, but it is mostly used as a alternative to "Sucks".
  • In the Latin Spanish dub, "Whomps" is adapted to "Munga" or "Que Munga".
    • However, in the Castilian Spanish dub, "Whomps" is kept.
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